Join our Worship & Creative Ministries

Creative team incorporates music and tech talents that offer their gifts for God to use facilitate a powerful worship experience.

The following are the areas open at this time: Production, Music and Other

Musical Onstage Worship Team Vocals
• BGVs (Background Vocals) Join your vocal skills to lead or harmonize to our team and help put the words of adoration in the mouths and hearts of others.
• Choir Sing for special occasions or projects as part of a lively choir.

Play excellently in any key, with rhythmic accuracy, combining with our band to bring a symphony praising Jesus.
Need regular 5-piece-band instruments - bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard/piano, drums; ability with chords and keys.
Can add occasional non-band instruments - flute, strings, brass - if you can (also) learn by ear.

Other creative/performing skills
• Acting.
• Spoken word.
• Dramatic reading.
• Dance.
• Choreography.
• Painting, sketching, pottery.

• Tech (lights, camera, computer) Participate in our team to assist in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, and other visual elements.
• Audio/sound (audio tech).
Use your keen listening skills, ability to multitask and tech know-how to mix our sound for beautiful in-house [FOH] and online experiences.
• B-Roll (photography, videography) Use your visual skills and creativity on our team of photographers and videographers to help capture special moments at Liberty, as you help film, edit and produce videos.
• Online hosting Take your social media communication skills to engage, encourage and create community love in our Sunday services.
• Service Assistant Offer your attention to detail and good, subtle communication skills to inservice assistance for those running the teams.

Let's serve together.

If you would love to be part of these amazing ministries, please complete the form below and we'll get back to you soon. Thank you.


1. Please submit the form above, completed.
2. Musicians and singers, please film yourself singing a song from below for the first audition.

Pick a song and a key/preference below for your audition.
Female/ Baritone Vocal/ Any instrument
Grave Into Gardens (C#) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX1d3FbTxc0

Male Vocal / Any instrument
Grave Into Gardens Ab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUlOiozypT0&t=46s

Tech and all others, please complete the form above and give us a time for a call in order to audition other areas.

We will contact you for a conversation and further steps to engage becoming part of our Liberty Worship team.